Corrupcion en la FIFA

Encuentro vergonzoso que una organizacion tan mundial como la FIFA sea tan corrupta, si usted se fijo bien en el sorteo, el secretario de la fifa, Jerome Valcke, cada vez que agarraba una de las pelotitas, escondia las manos debajo del podio, una actitud muy sospechosa.

A diferencia de la modelo presentadora, Fernanda Lima, que cada vez que soltaba un voto, este se enrrollaba (porque estaba adentro de una pelota), el secretario cuando soltaba los votos, no se enrrollaban, lo que dice que estaban estirados desde un principio.

Su presidente, Joseph Blatter, ha sido acusado de corrupcion en reiteradas ocaciones, su elección y victoria sobre el presidente de la UEFA Lennart Johansson, fueron marcadas por la controversia. Su mandato ha sido marcado con los rumores de irregularidades financieras y transacciones secretas, culminando en 2002 con las acusaciones directas de soborno hecho en la prensa por el miembro somalí Farra la Alharaca de una oferta de 100.000 dólares de votar a favor de Blatter.


ImagenJoseph Blatter



Para ver el video de manipulacion del sorteo haga click en este link


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El mundo en que nuestros hijos van a vivir

¿Se han fijado como estan las juventudes hoy en dia?
Es cosa de abrir un diario para que me invada la vergüenza, y me avergüenzo no solo de sus actos, si no que tambien de nosotros mismos, los que los criamos, ya que hemos fallado tanto como padres como personas.
Por ejemplo, en EEUU hay un nuevo “juego” que estan jugando los niños para divertirse en su tiempo libre. Este juego se llama “KnockOut” y consiste en golpear a un transeunte sin ninguna razon, solo para demostrar fuerza y poder enfrente de sus amigos. Me produce tristeza ver como estan creciendo, me duele mucho.


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Body and Soul: of mundane miracles and secular sacraments

Muddy River Muse

Like all good little cradle-Anglicans of my day, when I reached the age of 12 I signed up for Confirmation class. We met crammed into a too-small but oddly symbolic “upper room” off the church balcony. I remember exactly two things from my weeks of Confirmation prep. The first is the lesson where we read and discussed the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand. The minister who taught the class took it upon himself to challenge us with some liberal theology, and pressed the point that perhaps there was more than one way to make a miracle. Perhaps Jesus didn’t conjure extra loaves and fishes out of thin air after all. Perhaps when the members of the crowd observed one person sharing the provisions he had brought, they were inspired – or shamed— into digging into their packs and bringing out their own secret stash of snacks to…

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Cancer Can’t Take A Joke

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10 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Working Out


Mid-way through a recent group exercise class, the teacher lost me.  She didn’t lose me because of some complicated step sequence or insanely long set of burpees; I mentally checked out because of a few words she kept saying over and over.  “Come on!  Get that body ready for your winter beach vacation!  Think about how you want to look at those holiday parties!  PICTURE HOW YOU’LL LOOK IN THAT DRESS!

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the white coat catalogs

As I waited in line at the grocery store, a half-gallon of milk in one hand and a box of crackers in the other, I unconsciously thumbed through the photographs on one of the many social networks that has almost become uncomfortably synonymous with my generation. The photographs seemed to pass by in a blur of colors- friends enjoying dinner at a popular San Francisco restaurant, beautiful autumn colors highlighted on a trail, and an adorable pet doing something…well…adorable. However as I was admiring a photograph of an almost unbelievable sunset dipping into the ocean, my attention caught on one of the “hashtags” that lined the photo: “#nofilter”. It’s a common category, and almost anyone who has used the likes of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook has seen it in reference to a photograph or image. But it got me thinking. Since when do we have to qualify our images with…

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The Wabi Sabi Edge

Ideas, Riffs And (Some) Noise On All Things Marketing. Branded

The Ise Grand Shrine – a Shinto Shrine – in Ise, Mie prefecture in Japan has been preserved exactly like it was around 2,000 years ago. Despite such a rich legacy, the UNESCO has refused to list the shrine in its list of historic places.


Shinto Shrine

(Shinto priests walking beside the Ise Grand Shrine, Japan. Source)

This is because the shrine is not built of a ‘permanent structure’. The ISe Grand Shrine is built of wood and hence it  gradually loses its structural integrity over years. So the Shinto priests have a solution;  every 20 years they tear down the structure and rebuild another – in an adjacent plot –  in exactly the same specifications as the original using the wood from the same forest that the original structure was built from. Result: the shrine  is  forever new,  ancient and original! The present structure, dating from 1993, is the 61st iteration…

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Twitter’s IPO: a financial perspective on our emergent social-media world

Very good post! Really interesting!

Puella Ludens

twitterFor the past several decades, the stock market and the financial world seem to be increasingly abstracted from “the real world.” The epic housing bubble and economic downfall of the 2000’s are just a few obvious manifestations of this phenomenon. My rough understanding of how any valuation should work is based on my experience of everyday consumerism, paying for basic products whose cost is based roughly on the cost of production and a bit of added expense for the psychological value of an object based on brand and commercial image.

Obviously, the wild world of valuation on the stock market is a much different kind of enterprise. I was struck by this anew when considering Twitter’s IPO last week, and how this flurry of financial activity relates to our understanding or lack thereof about the “value” of social media.

I first became curious when I read that Twitter stock prices…

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27 Nights

What Happens to Us

The 1st night, Evan asked Kendra when she had first been attracted to him.

“About three seconds after I saw you,” she said as she ran her fingernails through his chest hair.

The 2nd night, they were walking around the mall.  Holding hands was their new thrill.  Evan was holding hands with a therapist.  He was holding hands with a leggy brunette.  He told her about Kim Philby, the MI5 agent who had betrayed all of England by passing all their secrets for over 20 years to the Soviets.  She told him about Alice Miller, who had developed a theory about the gifted codependent child.  They were giddy but tired from having slept only three hours.

IMG_6627 smaller biggerThe 3rd night, Kendra sat down and calculated that they had been together for 56 hours straight.  It was like being drunk without drinking.

“My life is going to hell,” she…

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How to Piss Off a Brazilian

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